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The Magic Bubbleman Transports Some Friends to the Moon

The Magic Bubbleman Transports Some Friends to the Moon

One warm, clear night some of the Weirdos were outside admiring the full moon. Little Kid had been staring at the orb for a long time when he turned to his friends and said, "I wish we could go there!"

The Magic Bubbleman smiled. "We can," he said. "I'd be happy to take us there."

"Really?" Little Kid asked, jumping up and down.

"Certainly. Everyone gather round."

Little Kid, his sister Baby Brow, their uncle Arch E. Eyebrows, and the ever present Sam all stood together in a small group. The Magic Bubbleman slowly rose from the ground, floated over to the group and lowered himself, engulfing the four Weirdos with his globular body. "Get ready now," he said, as he floated up, up into the clouds.

The Weirdos looked out through The Magic Bubbleman's body at the land below them and were filled with wonder. They had never seen the world this way before. There were no airplanes in Weirdsville, and while several Weirdos could fly, float or levitate, most Weirdos spent their lives planted firmly on the ground. Baby Brow gurgled happily while she looked at the ground slowly shrinking below him.

Soon they had floated above the clouds and could no longer see Weirdsville below them. Above was the night sky filled with stars and the growing sphere of the moon. The astounding sight of the stars surrounding the four friends held them all speechless. Baby Brow bounced with joy. She couldn't hold in the emotion she felt. The tiny creature ricocheted off the side of The Bubbleman and bumped into her brother. Little Kid gave Baby Brow a shove and she went bouncing around inside The Magic Bubbleman laughing in delight.

"I'll show you some fun," The Magic Bubbleman said. He rolled himself to the left and right, forward and back, sending all the Weirdos bouncing around inside him, like they were inside a giant pinball machine. They went tumbling through space, the Weirdos floating inside The Bubbleman, bouncing off each other, laughing madly as they went, until they bumped into something. It was the moon! They hadn't been paying attention to where they were going, had gotten too close to the moon and bounced right off!

Finally The Magic Bubbleman got himself under control and they landed safely on the moon. Little Kid and Baby Brow continued bouncing around and laughing harder than they ever had before. They were astounded to find they could bounce higher on the moon than they could in Weirdsville, and when they landed they kicked up clouds of moon dust.

Sam looked at the eerie hills and craters of the moon and then trudged off over one of the hills to see what he could see. Arch E. Eyebrows simply turned and looked back at the world below them. He felt a bit insignificant, standing on this new world and seeing his home looking so tiny and isolated in the vastness of space. He stood and stared for a long time, thinking about life and the strange turns it can take at a moment's notice. Overwhelmed by the beauty of the scene, he cried a single tear.

Finally, Arch E. Eyebrows heaved a deep sigh and turned to see what the other Weirdos were up to. Baby Brow and her brother had exhausted themselves bouncing around. They, and The Magic Bubbleman were heading toward him.

"Where's Sam?" he asked them.

"We haven't seen him," Little Kid answered.

"His trail leads over that hill," The Magic Bubbleman observed. "Let's follow it and see if we can find him."

At the top of the hill they could see Sam's trail lead into a cave. Inside the cave they were surprised to find lamps lighting the way down a path. As they traveled down the narrow corridor Arch mused, "I have a feeling Sam has gotten himself in trouble again."

"I have a feeling you may be right, " The Magic Bubbleman said.

Just then they heard voices in front of them. They sounded angry. As the four turned a corner they saw a crowd of Weirdos before a cage. Inside the cage was Sam.

"It looks like you've gotten yourself into another mess, Sam," The Magic Bubbleman laughed.

As one, the crowd of Moon Weirdos turned to look at the new arrivals. They were all much hairier than any Weirdos the travelers had seen before.

"More devils!" one of them shouted.

"They think I'm some kind of devil," Sam explained, "Because they've never seen any Weirdos who aren't from their village."

"See here now," The Magic Bubbleman said. "Let our friend go. We're not devils. We're from Weirdsville and we just came to visit."

"Visit?" another of the Moon Weirdos questioned. "From where?"

"You know that big blue and green planet in the sky? We live there," Arch explained.

"The moon? Nobody lives there." one of the hairy Weirdos said.

"No - THIS is the moon. We're from Weirdsville."

"No - this is Weirdsville. The moon is that big blue and green thing in the sky."

"This can be sorted out later," The Magic Bubbleman said. "Let our friend go or I will have to take drastic measures."

"I think we will put you all in the cage!" a Moon Weirdo threatened.

"I don't think so," The Magic Bubbleman said, and he grew larger. "I am going to grow so big this whole cave will be torn apart. If you don't want to happen, release Sam." He was almost filled the entire cavern.

The Moon Weirdos could see The Magic Bubbleman meant business so they opened the cage and let Sam go. Bubbleman gathered all his friends inside his body and floated back up the path as fast as he could. The Moon Weirdos followed them, trying to keep up with The Magic Bubbleman.

Once outside, The Magic Bubbleman continued to float up into the sky, heading back to Weirdsville. The Moon Weirdos watched the visitors float away into the sky. It was the most amazing sight they had ever seen.

The Magic Bubbleman traveled back to the moon many times after that, always taking some Weirdos with him. They got to be good friends with the Moon Weirdos, and some of them even visited Weirdsville. The day The Magic Bubbleman transported some friends to the moon was a day that went down in the history of Weirdsville.

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