Original Welcome to Weirdsville Cartoon Art and Stories by Lee Widener

The Secret Origin of Weirdsville Revealed!

I first met the inhabitants of Weirdsville many years ago, when I was thirteen. I was in Mr. Woita's science class. He was going to demonstrate the principle of reactions. To do so he picked up a baseball and threw it. At me. He expected I would catch the ball, like any normal thirteen year old would. However, I was daydreaming. What I saw shocked and amazed me. The baseball had turned into a giant red bubble with a face on it, and it was growing. It grew so large it completely engulfed me, floated me out of the room and transported me to a magical land called Weirdsville.

I learned later that this amazing creature was named The Magic Bubbleman and he was friend to nearly everyone in Weirdsville. I spent what seemed like days in Weirdsville, meeting everyone and learning about their lives. Weirdsville certainly lived up to its name. Stars grew on trees. Fried and scrambled eggs grew on the hillsides. There was a huge pillar in the center of town that had eyes on it that cried. There was a superhero, a super villain, a monster, a spy, a witch, a magician and many other odd creatures.

Eventually The Magic Bubbleman told me it was time for me to return to my own land. He took me back, and when I woke up I discovered I was lying on my back in Mr. Woita's class. Everyone said I had been knocked out when the baseball hit me in the head and I had been unconscious only a few minutes. Over the years, with the help of The Magic Bubbleman, I have visited Weirdsville numerous times, and I've become quite fond of everyone I've met. I would now like to share their lives with you.

Every week I will be posting a brand new Welcome to Weirdsville Adventure for you to read. I hope they will entertain and enlighten you. These Weirdos have been my friends for many years, and now it's my great pleasure to share their stories with you. If you're so moved, you can also buy original hand drawn Welcome to Weirdsville art. Bring a little bit of Weirdsville into your life!

Here's what amazing artist & strange storyteller Andrew Goldfarb has to say about Weirdsville:

"From the Pillar of Tears to the Forest of Groovy Feelings, Weirdsville is a wonderful land. It's populated by pale conical creatures engaged in many curious situations - some are serene, some are disturbing, and some are both at the same time. Lee has created an enchanting universe all his own, and I plan to visit there often."

All illustrations are hand drawn and colored on heavy duty 110 lb. acid free white paper and signed by the artist. Some colors and details of the drawings may differ slightly from the example on the website.

For a limited time only every order will include a FREE CD from an independent musician.

Andrew Goldfarb
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