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Ritual at the Pillar of Tears

Ritual at the Pillar of Tears

Things are not all silliness and sunshine in Weirdsville. The Weirdos also know sorrow and sadness. I found this out one night when I followed some Weirdos to the center of town where there was a tall pillar adorned with three eyes. I had seen this structure before, but the eyes were always closed. This night I found out why they called it The Pillar of Tears.

When I got to the circle there was already a line forming next to the pillar. When everyone had arrived and the moon was high in the sky the first Weirdo stood directly under the eyes on the pillar. One by one the eyes opened and looked around. They saw the Weirdos all lined up and began to cry. The Weirdo standing under the eyes, who happend to be Magnifico the Great, the resident Weirdsville magician, closed his eyes, opened his mouth and sang a keening, wordless song. The tears from the pillar fell on him, drenching him in liquid sadness. After a few moments Magnifico opened his eyes, heaved a deep sigh and smiled. He then bounced off into the distance, whistling to himself as if he hadn't a care in the world. Another Weirdo took his place under the eyes to be cried upon.

I found out later I had witnessed the Ritual at the Pillar of Tears. Every month the Weirdos gathered at the pillar, on the night of the waning quarter moon, to be cried upon and have their sorrows and sadness washed away. On that night every Weirdo in Weirdsville left the circle in the center of town happy and looking forward to life, with a renewed sense of hope. That's the way things work in Weirdsville.

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