Original Welcome to Weirdsville Cartoon Art by Lee Widener

SuperWeirdo! Objects to the Introduction of The Magic Bubbleman to the General Populace

SuperWeirdo! Objects to the Introduction of The Magic Bubbleman to the General Populace

One day the Blue Laser was stalking through the Plains of Wonderment, at the edge of the Mountains of Madness, thinking of ways he could cause trouble for his arch-enemy SuperWeirdo! when he noticed something in the distance. He took to the air and flew toward the red, round object. He thought perhaps somebody left a bouncy ball out in the desert, but as he got closer he could see that it was too big to be a ball. In fact, it was bigger than he was, and it had a face.

He landed next to the big red globe and said, “Who are you? I demand to know at once! Tell me or I shall destroy you!” Since he was a supervillain, he wanted this thing to know he was dangerous.

The thing's face moved closer to the Blue Laser, examining him. After a moment it spoke.

“I am The Bubbleman.”

“What are you doing here?” the Blue Laser demanded.

“Resting. I have come from far away.”

“Where? Where did you come from?”

“It makes no difference. I travel far and wide, seeing what I can see and doing what I can do.”

“And what is it you do?”

“Many things. I can do this.” The Bubbleman grew. He became so large he was almost as tall as a mountain. Then he shrank down to the size of a marble. He didn't like the way the Blue Laser was staring at him, so he grew larger again, about twice as tall as the supervillain.

“Humpf,” the Blue Laser groused. “Impressive. What else can you do?”

The Bubbleman opened his mouth and bubbles flowed forth, forming a cloud of froth in the air.

“I like that. What else have you got?”

“Many things,” was The Bubbleman's only reply.

The Blue Laser was already planning and scheming. He could use this strange creature to turn Weirdsville against his arch enemy, SuperWeirdo!

“Tell you what I'm going to do,” he told the big red blob. “Come with me. I'm going to make you a star. First of all, we're going to change your name. From now on you'll be The MAGIC Bubbleman.”

The two of them set of across the Plains of Wonderment in the direction of Weirdsville, the Blue Laser yammering away about his plans.

When they arrived in Weirdsville the Blue Laser gathered together what Weirdos he could find.

“My dear friends, let me inform you of the most important discovery in the history of Weirdsville,” he announced, waving his arm at the big red glob beside him. “I give you, The Magic Bubbleman!” Under his breath he mumbled, “Go ahead, Plan A.”

The Magic Bubbleman floated up into the air. The Weirdos in attendance gasped.

“Okay, Bubbly, come back down.” The crimson sphere settled on the ground next to the supervillain. “Plan B,” he whispered.

The Bubbleman breathed heavily, and with each breath he grew larger.

“Behold, Weirdos! The Magic Bubbleman reveals his amazing power!”

The Magic Bubbleman was now as tall as the tallest building in Weirdsville. “The Bubbleman can grow as large as all of Weirdsville! Fear him, for at my bidding he could destroy Weirdsville!”

Everyone gasped again, but from a distance a voice rang out.

“Think again, you no good evil evil-doer!”

It was SuperWeirdo!, Weirdsville's self-appointed superhero. In a flash he flew in and shot a ray beam at The Magic Bubbleman. The beam bounced off the Bubbleman and zapped SuperWeirdo! himself, who went shooting backwards through the sky.

“NOOOOOoooOOOoooo!!!” he wailed, his voice trailing off as he disappeared in the distance.

“Is he always like that?” The Magic Bubbleman asked.

“Yes, it's really annoying,” the Blue Laser answered.

In the distance SuperWeirdo!'s voice rose and got louder as he shot back to the scene. “NOOOOoooOOO! You, you baby blue bumpkin! Your baneful schemes are doomed to failure! Doomed, I say! You will never rule Weirdsville as long as I live!”

SuperWeirdo! flew, with all his might, straight at The Magic Bubbleman, and bounced off the big red glob, rebounding into the distance once again, breaking a tree in two on his way.

“Oooo!” everyone breathed.

Again, he was back in an instant, flying straight at The Magic Bubbleman, who opened his mouth. This time SuperWeirdo! flew into the mouth and ended up bouncing around inside the bubble.

“Let me out! Let me out, you foul fiend!”

The Magic Bubbleman opened his mouth and spat out the silly superhero, who flew high into the sky.

“I shall return!” he shouted. “You good-for-nothing riffraff haven't seen the last of me!”

With that he turned and flew off. The Magic Bubbleman turned to the Blue Laser and said, “I don't think I want to help you enslave these people. They seem nice.” He puckered his lips and blew the supervillain away. “I like it here in Weirdsville,” he told the crowd. As he floated away into the clouds he called “I'll be back!”

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