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Original Welcome to Weirdsville Cartoon Art and Stories by Lee Widener

Funny Stories for the Weird at Heart

This is the home of Welcome to Weirdsville original art, stories, publications and other silly stuff.

For decades I have been visiting the inhabitants of the strange world of Weirdsville. It's time to tell their tales.
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The Space Creature From Planet X Comes to Weirdsville


SuperWeirdo! Objects to the Introduction of the Magic Bubbleman to the General Populace

SuperWeirdo! Oblivious to the Fact a Startree Has Fallen Upon His Head

Ritual at the Pillar of Tears

Spy Awaiting Rendezvous

Evil Experiment: The Creation of Monster Weirdo

The Magic Bubbleman Transports Some Friends to the Moon

Arch Enemies

The Magic Bubbleman Shows What He's Good For

Congregation at a Place of Power

At the Mountains of Weirdness

Some Weirdos Show the Space Creature How to Have Fun (Getting Smashed)

Midnight Swim at the Sacred Lake

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Welcome to Weirdsville is also an internet radio station that plays silly Halloween music. It's not related to the land of Weirdsville in any way, but you can tune in and listen, while you read about Weirdsville, if you wish.

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